Introducing 100 Years of Solid Dudes Volume 3: 53 minutes of intense queasy-listening, filed, compiled, and carefully re-styled in the true 100YSD tradition. Listen carefully, and you might just detect tomorrow’s Solid Dudes hits emerging from today’s primordial, aural ooze. Happy listening, and keep your eyes peeled for more to come from Zillas on Acid, Girls Chat Room, and the ever-expanding 100 Years of Solid Dudes family.

Berlin buds HARDRUGS present a new 100 Years of Solid Dudes label mix in the last gasp of 2015. 100YSD heritage artists like Girls Chat Room, Wooden Email, and Theater in Trance rub elbows with terrifying new signings Ann Pog, Jah Robotech, and Aufklärung Gang.

Plus, a holiday message…from us…to you…at the end.

Dubs, Flubs, slush pile shoulda-beens, b-sides, c-sides, old dudes, new dudes, dark visions of what’s to come… Stay solid in 2016.

No ’tudes, just Dudes.

Introducing 100 Years of Solid Dudes Volume 2. Forty-five minutes of fast-forward nosebleed queasy-listening—collected, dissected, and painstakingly re-inflected by Solid Dude Numero Uno James Weissinger, aka Jameszilla (Broadzilla DJs, Making Time).

Throw caution to the wind and prepare for Centennial Sentiments, Maximum Solidity, and of course, Dudes Beyond Belief. Welcome to 100 Years of Solid Dudes Volume 2.

Mastered by Dave Tat at Cargo City Studios //


All of the Years. All of the Dudes.

A Car-Crash Sample Symphony in 2700 Seconds.