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For over ten years, ZILLAS ON ACID (Broadzilla DJs, 100 Years of Solid Dudes) have raddened dance floors as residents of Philadelphia’s party institution Making Time. Now, they harness the Focused Totality of Their Psychic Powers for their first original offering: BACK TO THE BEAST, the debut vinyl release on 100 Years of Solid Dudes.

Title track BACK TO THE BEAST is a conga-click slab of acid argument, a jacked-up My Life in the Bush of Ghosts for late-night early 21st century freaks. Next up, GOING INTO TRANCE offers a guided regression session into the White Hot Room, a hypnotic deep trip behind your eyes. BACK TO THE BEATS is a dank, dubby reimagining of the title track that starts as a bonus beat and ends as a dark drum rebuttal from deep within the BEAST. Finally, best boys KHIDJA (Hivern Discs, Malka Tuki, Love on the Rocks, [Emotional] Especial) reincarnate the title track as a transcendental piece of wet techno—a 9+ minute aquarian journey to the center of The Orb.


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